Two Instructors from BahrainSD 

A team of two instructors from BahrainSD decided to take the extra mile to visit Dax KMRED Fighting Academy to get certified as professional instructors.

KMRED with the help of Repide Defense advertised for the newly Control Wear instructor certification, which was the first challenge the team have to handle.

Control Wear, is aimed for professional sectors within the working field, for example the security guard’s individual and hospitality, airlines sectors and personal assistance.

Despite the language barrier and the toughness of the intensity of the course BahrainSD team Coach Fawaz BuAssali & Coach Yusuf Seyadi managed to administer the quality of Bahraini trainers.

Second challenge was getting the striking KMRED methodology 3.0

We have started with understanding the KMRED methodology which again was challenging due to the number of information and the toughness of the physical and mental 6 hours a day training, it was mixed with the LETHWEI boxing Muay Thai (a new level of striking challenge to the team). KMRED for adults and advanced level was really interesting on how the class should be handled and controlled with a big number of students which was really an added value to our knowledge.

Moreover, we had the chance to shadow train with Coach Billy Ouahab for the KMRED and Muay Thai kids training where we have had learned a lot of techniques that are now documented and recorded.

A lot of knowledge and experience from the other instructions have been captured which is going to be transferred to BahrainSD

In the last 2 days we had the privilege of attending KMRED and LETHWEI seminar which was held in KRAV MAGA 87 internship of Limoges , it was an amazing experience where we had gained the knowledge on how to handle such a big event.

Finally, I would like to extended my appreciation and thanks to Mr. Wellmith and to KMRED France team for the incredible experience shared with us and the heartwarming kindness in welcoming us to the KMRED family, Thank you for the knowledge the generous guidance.