Krav Maga RED We are Back

Bahrain Self Defense back after Eid holiday, Krav Maga RED method classes see you on Wednesday 20/6/2018 at 90 Minutes GYM   The Classes will be three days a week to hours a day Saturday, Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  

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Two Attackers vs one fill Down Exercise

Bahrain Self Defense Two Attackers vs one fill Down Exercise What would you do if you got attacked by two people in the streets and you fill down on the floor 😱!! Move don’t be an easy target 💫 Always scan your surrounding 👀 Always protect your head at all time🛡 Stand up is your first priority, explode don’t wait for even a second on the floor 💥  

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A distinguished exercise with HH Sh. Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa

A distinguished exercise was held yesterday with the participation of HH Sh. Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the founder and leader of The Bahrain Krav Maga Royal Team. His participation comes within the program of spreading the culture of self-defense, renunciation of violence and the use of excessive force in public places. The objective of the exercise that is practiced at Bahrain Self Defense Team is to raise awareness and knowledge of the consequences of aggressive quarrels in public…

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BahrainSD meeting The Pioneer team members in KSA.

BahrainSD had the pleasure of meeting The Pioneer team members in KSA. The program aims to increase awareness and develop personal skills for Saudi citizens by teaching the individuals on how to take care and contribute to others within the society. Bahrain SD team are always looking forward for opportunities to share our experience and knowledge hopping to positively influencing others in the ways that developing individuals self-awareness. Bahrain SD is going to hold self-defence classes aiming to better…

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Seminar at Krav Maga 87 KMRED at Limoges France

زيارة الفريق الملكي للكراف ماجا لمدينة ليمونج الفرنسية وذلك ضمن البرنامج التدريبي المكثف للمدربين حيث كانت مدة الزيارة يومين وانقسمة الزيارة في اليوم الاول إلى تدريب الدفاع ضد هجوم السكين واليوم الثاني كان تدريب على القتال وتمرين المحارب. واستفاد الفريق الملكي من هذه الزيارة كيفية التمارين الخاصة بالمدنيين وطريقة عمل ورشة تدريبية مكثفة في يومين وذلك لتطبيقها في مملكة البحرين بشكل فعال.   The visit of the Bahrain Krav Maga Royal Team to Lemong city in France as part…

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