BahrainSD Juniors July Summer Camp

His Excellency Mr. Ali Bouferson presided over the #graduation #ceremony of the first group of #Bahrain #self_defense #juniors team at the summer activities of the Bahrain team for self defense held at @90minutesgym in Busayteen in the presence of the parents.

The ceremony began with a speech by the founder of the team @ahmedalshurooqi followed by a presentation of self-defense skills by a group of our juniors and young summer activist reflects the extent of their support of this program intended to instill confidence in the self and how to defend and not use excessive violence.

The main trainer for the summer activity @fawaz878 gave a speech in which he explained the importance of self-defense and the importance of continuing exercising with any physical sports if not with #BahrainSD . Also he announced that the training will continue throughout the year and not only at the summer with spacial grading system which is put together by BahrainSD management team.

After the demonstration which captured the interest of all the attendance Hi Excellency Ali Bouferson distributed the certificates and the badges to all the juniors of the summer activities of the Bahrain team for self defense.  the badge is a symbol of the joint relationships with Bahrain Self Defense.